She fights to change the Egyptian society’s mentality towards people with disabilities.

While people with disabilities face different challenges and discrimination throughout their life in Egypt, the biggest obstacle that they face is how others perceive them. This, of course, impacts their mental health in different ways.

Rawan Moussa, who is part of Nitrous community, had always been motivated to empower people with disabilities in Egypt. At an early age she would volunteer in NGOs in Egypt that aimed to support people with disabilities. Rawan would also advocate for the mental health of PwDs.

Since Rawan became included with Project Nitrous, she now has the ability to help people with disabilities through one-to-one meetings while using the design thinking methodology. Below is what Rawan Moussa said when she was asked about her experience with Project Nitrous:

“I was always happy, and had no issues with my hand situation, as my mother helped me from an early age to get involved in NGOs and speak my mind.. Working in Nitrous gave me a greater self-worth by helping and seeing others grow in so many ways.”

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