Egypt's Educational Kits For The Visually Impaired and the Blind: Al-Serraj

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

From gradual to complete blindness by the end of Ahmed Sabry's school years, he was determined to seek opportunities that companies or organizations in Egypt provided for people with disabilities. While attending an event, he spoke with Project Nitrous' team members, who informed him about the missions and goals we aim to achieve for people with disabilities.

Few days go by and Sabry received a call from Nitrous team. He decided to visit Project Nitrous to learn more about what we actually do and get a better understanding about the digital fabrication machines and the assistive tools that was developed and created for other people with disabilities who lived in Egypt.

After knowing more about Project Nitrous, Sabry started to become involved and was able to create assistive tools, using assistive technology, for himself and others by learning design thinking and digital fabrication technology. Through his involvement he decided to develop and create educationals kits for people who are visually impaired. He is now a Nitrous team member and his inventions won the Nitrous competition grant.

The Assistive and Educational Tools

He worked with the team on feedback and new ideas for the educational kit for the visually impaired students, Accessible chess that allowed him to learn and play chess with others, worked on making a world map for education and took it to his visually impaired students in Resala School. Sabry now teaches young students, in Egypt, at a class for the blind and became one of the main inventors of Nitrous’ educational kit.

Through Nitrous competition he was able to launch his own startup called Al-Serraj that develops, produces and delivers educational kits in Egypt.

“I had the power to choose between being fearful to pass the road like my uncle used to do, or go for what life has to offer...”

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