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Assistive Technology in Egypt Helped Him Graduate College.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

8 Years Later ... and A Simple Writing Tool Lead to Graduation.

Mahmoud Hussein, who lived in Luxor, Egypt, was a top student at the Petroleum Engineering College He wanted to create a new and better life for himself as well as his family. After a fatal incident at the sea, he became quadriplegic and no longer able to write. This leads him to drop out of college.

Mahmoud started losing hope in completing his education as 7 years have passed by. But a stranger came along and told him about Project Nitrous and the assistive devices that we create using the assistive technology. He decided to reach out to us through social media and explained his type of physical disability.

The assistive device that he was seeking was the writing tool that was developed with other community members through our assistive technology. Since our tools were customizable, without any physical interaction, he was able to receive the device that was sent from New Cairo all the way to Aswan.

Choosing the independent path and the continuous support he received from his family members, he spent two months training to write properly with the tool at home, using a stopwatch while exercising exam questions. Mahmoud is now a certified college graduate.

Throughout his journey, we were intrigued to know how people in Aswan viewed people with disabilities. This is what he had to say:

In countryside villages, the term -Family Blessing-, is commonly used for people with disabilities as a way to cope with the condition, as their families hide them inside the household. I find it funny and annoying... I feel blessed with my supportive family. -Mahmoud Hussein

Mahmoud's story has been very inspirational to those who have met him. His dedication and hope lead him to achieve what he and others assumed he couldn't. Being disabled should not define who you are, you should define who you are by your actions and thoughts.

How does your country, city, or village view people with disabilities?

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