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Crown Shield

Fabrication and Assembly Guide



Ahmed Mohsen and Project Nitrous' team have designed and developed this face shield as a part of our efforts to provide doctors and hospitals with assistive and protective tools to support in their preparedness and responsiveness to COVID-19.



Giza Foundation emphasizes that this face shield is just a simple and  effective solution to overcome the current crisis through using digital fabrication technology and it can’t be used or manufactured for commercial purposes.

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About The Crown Shield

The crown shield is a simple face shield to protect the wearer's entire face from hazards such as potentially infectious materials, flying objects, road debris and chemical splashes.


The face shield is a part of the protection gear that medical teams use for protection while dealing with patients.

Fabrication Guidelines

Follow the following steps to manufacture the crown shield and contribute to helping hospitals medical staff

Needed Materials

•Transparent Stencil Size: A4

•Acrylic with a thickness of  3mm

•Slotted rubber bands, length: 25 cm  

•Sponge sheet (approx. 1.2 cm thickness)

•Double sided tape 

•Wooden Sheet

Double sided tape

Rubber Band

Wooden sheet




Needed Tools

•Laser Cutter


Fabrication Steps

*Don’t forget to edit the power and speed of the laser machine before working and changing the working material*

1) Cut the Crown design on the acrylic sheet using laser cutter (Using Crown design file)


2) Cut the Stencil frame on the wood sheet (Using stencil design file)


3) Mount the A4 stencil sheet paper inside the wooden frame .

4) Cut the stencil design on the A4 stencil paper .

5) Cut the sponge sheet on the laser cutter (recommended 25cm x 2.2cm).

6) Stick the double sided tape along the sponge piece in the middle

Assembly Steps







Peel the double sided tape over the sponge

Bend the sponge equally

Stick at the middle inner side of the Crown frame

Glue the rest of the sponge into the inner  side of the crown

Mount the pins on the front side of the crown to the holes in the transparent sheet

Hook the slotted rubber band to the two ends of the crown and adjust it according to the head size

Instructions of Usage

1- This face shield is for personal use only and can’t be transferred between persons.

2- This face shield can’t be used alone for the complete protection of the virus by medical teams.

3- This face shield should be used as part of the complete protection gear if  medical teams are contacting with confirmed cases of Covid 19 infection.

4-This face shield  can be used more than one time after making sure of the following:

-Ensure that the acrylic part has been sterilized by Cidex liquid or water and chlorine for at least 20 minutes.

-Replace the rubber band, sponge and Transparent stencil shield with a new   sterile ones.

5- It is preferred not to use it more than one time in the case of having a large number of it.

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